Radiation Power Systems (RPS) manufactures a complete line of short-arc lamp power supplies. With models ranging from 100W to 8kW we offer power supplies for all major lamp manufacturers. An integrated DC or pulse ignition circuit ensures reliable lamp start.

Our product line includes the 2105 series for low-wattage lamps, the 2110 series for mid-range lamps, and the 2130 series for high-wattage lamps or lamps that require high operating current. Power supplies from each series are available in two configurations: Constant Power (CP) and Constant Intensity (C2)

CP Models

Constant power models tightly regulate the output power to generate stable light output. The user interface for CP models includes:

  • Potentiometer to adjust output power within preset min/max levels
  • Analog meter for lamp power
  • Analog meter with dual scale for lamp voltage and lamp current (switch-selectable)

C2 Models

Constant intensity models allow the user to connect two optical sensors to regulate and maintain constant light output over the life of the lamp. This is a key feature for applications that require precise exposure control. C2 models are dual-mode systems that allow the user to select either C2 or CP mode. The user interface for C2 models include:

  • CP – C2 mode select switch
  • Potentiometer to adjust output power within preset min/max levels (CP mode)
  • Potentiometers to calibrate optical sensors and set target intensity level (C2 mode)
  • Channel select switch for optical sensors (C2 mode)
  • Analog meters with dual scales for lamp power/intensity and lamp voltage/current (switch-selectable)

Key Specifications


2105 Series

2110 Series

2130 Series


CP or C2

CP or C2

CP or C2


100W, 200W, 350W, 500W

1KW, 500W DUV

1KW DUV, 2KW, 2.5KW, 3.5KW, 5KW, 8KW



2KV DC or 20KV Pulse

20KV Pulse

  Start Current


25 – 33A*

50 – 120A*

  Line Voltage

100-120VAC/60Hz or 200-240V/50Hz, Single-Phase

100-120VAC/60Hz or 200-240V/50Hz, Single-Phase

200-240VAC, 50/60Hz,


10.2” (W)

16.5” (L)

6.1” (H)

13.3” (W)

19.2” (L)

7.1” (H)

15.8” (W)

22.5” (L)

9.0” (H)

* Starting current set at factory for specified lamp


Most OEM customers have unique requirements that require some customization. The modular and flexible design of our products allows us to easily add options such as:

  • Remote control panel
  • Interlock circuit
  • Remote start
  • Remote monitoring of lamp power, voltage, current, intensity
  • Alarms
  • Paint colors, customer names, logos, etc.

Custom Products

If you have unique requirements, RPS can design and manufacture a custom product for you. Some examples of our custom products include:

  • Remote Control Panel. The entire user interface has been mounted on a separate panel that connects to the power supply with an interface cable. This allows control and monitoring of the power supply where no operator access is available.
  • Pulsing Power Supply. The output power can be pulsed by a digital input signal from a remote controller. Additional circuitry is included to ensure the average lamp power does not exceed the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Computer Controlled Power Supply. RPS integrated a single-board computer board and shutter drivers to build a complete computer-controlled exposure system with IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface to the host computer.
  • External Pulse Igniter. In some cases, customers need to place the ignition circuit close to the lamp. We have packaged the 20KV pulse igniter in its own enclosure that can be installed separately from the power supply box.

Contact us to get a quote, request additional information, or discuss your specific requirements.